Write a new business venture plan

What is the opportunity?

What is the purpose of our venture?

What is our product/service?

Who is our target customer?

How big is our potential market?

What trends are in our favour? What tailwind?

Is the new business structurally attractive?

Why will this customer buy from us?

What will we price the product at?

Who are the current competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will they respond to our start-up?

How will we sell/route-to-market?

How can we defend our competitive edge in the long term?

Do we have the right team?

What does our venture need to be very good at?

What relevent experience does our venture team have?

What skills will we need to recruit?

What is our implementation plan?

What are the principle assumptions in the business plan?

How are we going to test these assumptions cheaply and quickly?

What are the other options when Plan A doesn’t work?

What are the greatest risks?

What results are we going to achieve in the next 6 months?

What are the financials of our venture?

What are the key drivers of our business economics?

What is our cashflow projection?

When does our business breakeven?

Is it attractive for an investor:

How are you going to fund this venture?

How is the investors money going to be spent?

How could an investor exit?


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