Generating alternatives

How can I generate creative alternative strategies?

In order to generate creative alternative strategies, you will need to discard some of your old assumptions and generate new ones.

There are several tools that you can use to stimulate your creativity:

Driving Force

Every organisation has a driving force deeply rooted in its DNA that it its window on new opportunities. By mapping out strategies based on different Driving Forces, you will generate a radically different strategies.

“What If?” game

What if you owned your business? Each “What if…” challenge will replace your existing assumptions about your business with new ones, forcing you to think in new directions.

Competitive asymmetries

Any of the areas where you are different from your competitors can become the sustainable competitive advantage at the core of your new strategy when you design your whole business around extending and leveraging it

36 Stratagems

The Thirty-Six Stratagems are from the ancient Chinese Book of Qi used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics and war. You may get inspiration from applying them to your own situation.

Profit Zones

There are a limited number of ways that businesses have built competitive advantage. Which of these patterns can you exploit for your business?

Growth Avenues

There are some proven organic growth routes that occur again and again in business. Which would work for your business?

Uncommon sense

There are some things everybody knows about your industry. What if the opposite was true?

Analogies database

[Coming soon] Some of the most creative thinking in human history have come from comparisons across disciplines. How can we apply the wisdom of science, nature and history to our current business problems? Browse the database for inspiration

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