Crafting Strategy

Choosing a strategy for your company is a creative act.

The starting point for your strategy is your Organisational Purpose. Beyond making money, why does your organisation exist? If it disappeared tomorrow, what gap would be left in the world?

Strategy is thinking from the future. What is going to be the Future Business Environment? What are the key Trends,Discontinuities and Scenarios that will shape this future world?

In this future world, what part of the value chain to we want as the Strategic Anchor for our company? Who is going to be ourTarget Customer? What Value Proposition are we going to offer them?

Strategy is about CHOICE. It is not enough to develop just one possible strategy – where is the choice just vanilla? We need to create Alternative Strategies, and then go through a creative process to mix and match the best elements of each of them to come up with the direction we want to execute.

Many books have been written about Strategic Planning and Strategic Analysis that can support this thinking, providing that they are our servants not our masters. Finally, how should we set up and conduct effective Strategy Reviews?


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