Competitive Position

What is it

Your competitive position describes how you compare to the competition in a specific market.

When is it useful?

It is useful in industry analysis to to visualise the competitive battlefield, and how strong the different competitors are across market segments.

An Example?

How do you do the analysis?

The competitive position is measured by market share – are you the dominant leader, one amongst peers or a small player? The market share trend should also be considered as well as industry specific factors – e.g. brand equity, product differentiation, customer loyalty.

Competitive position is used as one dimension of the McKinsey matrices. It is usually based on the assumption that companies should earn superior profits where they have a strong competitive position.

Powerpoint tips: Put in the share data for each segment, select 100% Column graphs, and make the column width proportional to market size of the segment. Order the competitors with the largest shares at the bottom. Set the competitors colours manually

I want to know more

How can you adapt this concept?

You can cut this by segment, product or country


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