What questions are you asking your people?

The questions that you ask shape your company’s focus, and thus its results.

When you think what goes on in your head? Do ideas and thoughts just pop into your mind? Or do you ask yourself questions? Do you come up with answers to these questions?

Can you use the power of questions to trigger other people’s thinking too? When someone asks you a question, do you feel a strange compulsion to come up with an answer? If someone asks you “how do we turn this around” do you even consider for one moment that we can’t turn it around, or are you immediately thinking solutions?

How can you use this power of questions to guide your team’s thinking into constructive areas? What happens when you ask your team “how do we double revenue over the next 3 years?” Does it draw their focus to new ideas? How would this question impact their aspirations?

On the flip side, do you ever ask questions that focus your people’s attention in a negative direction? If you ask them “why can’t you ever get this right?”, where do their thoughts go? Do you really want to set their brain on a search for an answer? What if they answer themselves “because I’m no good at my job”? Where does this leave them? What would happen if you eliminated these negative questions?

What question could you ask after a setback to focus their attention where it can produce results? Where would your team’s mind go if you ask “what action can we take?” or “what can we learn from this?”

How can you use powerful questions to lead your team’s thinking?


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